Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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A Sample of the Compleat Body

A screenshot of a PDF Image file This is a sample of a PDF Image file of one of the sermons. As you can see, there has been some progress in printing technology in the last 275 years.
On the other hand, once you get used to it, it is not too hard to read. It is necessary to learn that printers used some letters then that we do not use now, for example "f" is often used as an initial or medial "s", the letter combination "ss" is represented by "ß" and so on.

One thing I found particularly helpful was to read the sermons out loud until I got used to the old-style orthography and spelling. Reading out loud also helps with guessing words that have missing letters or are illegible.

Thanks be to God for his grace in giving his Church men like Willard, and their books.

A second sample 6. [This command may be violated] by vexatious lawsuits. Doubtless civil laws are good and necessary; and men are sometimes forced to recover their own by law, or else they would wrong themselves and [their] families. And this arises from the iniquity of mankind, whereas if all men were honest, it might be prevented. This forwardness to bring every thing to civil courts, which might be ended in a more charitable way, is what the Apostle sharply reproves in them, I Cor. 6, beginning [of the chapter.] For men to take the advantage of their neighbours, when their [the neighbour's] cause in honesty and conscience is just and good, is oppression and robbery under a pretext of justice. For men to draw out suits, by unreasonable non-suits [nonsense?] and any other tricks of a like nature, to impoverish their neighbours, is of the same stamp. For attorneys to use tricks to persuade their clients to contention, and protract and blind, or entangle causes for their own advantage, is a scandal, which such as so do, can never wipe off. For persons, by bribes and friends, to draw such as are concerned in judgement, to have respect of persons, so to favour their cause...



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