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     We are pleased to have the DocFather indexing system for Fire and Ice. As this page loads, a small Java applet is downloaded. Clicking on the applet, above, will download a larger viewer applet, which in turn will download compressed indexes to Fire and Ice. Using the viewer applet, you will have access to every HTML file on the site, over 500 pages, which is more complete than the Table of Contents or the Fast Index.

     Note: It is necessary to be patient as the applets and indices download. The applet itself requires a download of approximately 100K, the file index is 20K, and the search index is 450K. Because Java may run slowly on older machines, and due to the limitations of download speed, this may take a few minutes. On my previous 486 with a 28.8K connection, it took approximately 3 minutes for the viewer applet and index file to load, and another 6-7 minutes before I could begin a word search.

Warning: Java applications, especially complicated ones, may crash some browsers. This may happen if the applications are repeatedly closed and re-started, or if they recieve too many inputs too fast. It is important to give the applets time to run properly.

Search Suggestions:
     In order to make the indices smaller and more useful, the more common words have been left out. For example, to search for a poem with the line, "Sweeter sounds than music knows/ charm me in Immanuel's Name," using the phrase "sweeter sound" will find the poem "Praise for the Incarnation." However, using another line in the same poem, "Did the Lord a man become" will not return any matches because the words are too common to be indexed. Therefore use the most distinctive words possible. The search words are not case sensitive, and the Boolean operator AND is supported.
     The Topics tab will allow you to search by title through the various directories (folders) in the site. The Index tab is a listing of all the files by title. Unfortunately the authors are not listed in either case.
     The old search engine is still available for searching portions of the site. It is not able to search the entire site, but it is easier to use than this one.

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