Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Thomas Shepard's Account of His Preaching

Mr. Shepard, when on his death-bed, was visited by many of his friends and brethren in the ministry. Several young ministers having called to see him, he addressed them as follows: "Your work," said he, "is great, and requires great seriousness. For my own part, I never preached a sermon which, in the composing, did not cost me prayers, with strong cries and tears. I never preached a sermon from which I had not first got some good to my own soul. I never went up into the pulpit but as if I were going to give an account of myself to God." Before his departure, addressing his friends, he said, "Oh I love the Lord Jesus very dearly. That little part which I have in him is no small comfort to me now." He died of a quinsey, August 25, 1649, aged forty-three years. He was a person of great learning, a hard student, an admirable preacher, and an excellent writer.

(From "Lives of the Puritans" by Benjamin Brook, recently reprinted by Soli Deo Gloria.)

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