Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Thus Saith The Ruler Of The Skies

by Issac Watts


Thus saith the Ruler of the Skies,
Awake my dreadful Sword;
Awake my Wrath, and smite the Man
My fellow
, saith the Lord.


Vengeance receiv'd the dread command,
And armed down she flies,
Jesus submits to his Father's hand,
And bows his head and dies.


But oh! the Wisdom and the Grace
That join with Vengeance now!
He dies to save our Guilty Race,
And yet he rises too.


A Person so divine was he
Who yielded to be slain,
That he could give his Soul away,
And take his Life again.
Live, glorious Lord, and reign on high,
Let every Nation sing,
And Angels sound with endless joy
The Saviour and the King.




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