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The Cup of Blessing Which Wee Bless, is It Not the Comunion of the Body of Christ? etc.

Meditation on 1 Cor. 10:16 by Edward Taylor


Oh! Gracious Grace! whither soarst thou? How high
     Even from thy root to thy top branch dost tower?
Thou springst from th'essence of blesst Deity
     And grow'st to th'top of Heavens all blissfull flower.
     Thou art not blackt but brightend by the Sin
     Of Gods Elect, whom thou from filth dost bring.


Thou Graces Egg layst in their very hearts
     Hatchest and brudl'st in this nest Divine
Its Chickin, that it fledge. And still impartsts
     It influences, through their lives that shine.
     Them takest by the hand, and handst them o're
     The Worlds wild waves to the Celestiall Shoare.


And as thou leadst them 'long the way to glory
     Thou hast the Wells of Aqua Vitae cleare.
For them to take good drachms of (Oh! blesst Story)
     And Inns to entertain them with good Cheere.
     That so they may not faint, but upward grow
     Unto their ripeness, and to glory Soe.


They take a drachm of Heavenly Spirits in,
     From every Duty. Here is blessed Ware.
Thou hast them draughts of Spiritual Liquour gi'n
     And ev'ry Sabbath tenders us good fare,
     But Oh! the Supper of our Lord! What joy?
     This Feast doth fat the Soul most graccously.


Theandrick Blood, and Body With Compleate
     Full Satisfaction and rich Purchase made
Disht on this golden Table, spirituall meate
     Stands. And Gods Saints are Welcom'd with this trade
     The Satisfaction, and the Purchase which
     Thy Blood and Body made, how Good,? how rich?


Oh! blesst effects flow from this table then.
     The feeding on this fare and Spiritually
Must needs produce a Spirituall Crop for them
     That rightly do this table fare enjoy
     Whatever other Ordinances doe!
     This addeth Seale, and Sealing wax thereto.


This is a Common that consists of all
     That Christ ere had to give. And oh! how much!
Of Grace and Glory here? These ripe fruits fall
     Into Saints baskets: they up gather Such.
     All fruits that other ordinances which
     Are Edifying, Do this Feast enrich.


But still besides these there are properly
     Its own effects which it doth beare and hath,
Its Spirituall Food that nourisheth spiritualy.
     The new born babe to thrive in using Faith
     The Soule it quiets: Conscience doth not sting.
     It seales fresh pardon to the Soul of Sin.


It maketh Charity's sweet rosy breath
     Streach o're the Whole Society of Saints.
It huggeth them. That nothing of the Earth
     Or its infection its affections taints.
     Grace now grow strong, Faith sturdy. Joy, and Peace
     And other Vertues in the Soule encrease.


God's Love shines brighter now upon the heart:
     In that he seals Christ Dying with a Feast
Wherein he smiles doth on the Soul impart:
     With all Christs Righteousness: Joy now's increast.
     The Soul grows valient and resists the foe.
     The Spirituall Vigour vigorous doth grow.


Lord, on thy Commons let my Spirits feed
     So nourish thou thy new Born babe in mee.
At thy Communion Table up mee breed
     Communicate thy Blood and Body free.
     Thy Table yielding Spirituall Bread, and Wine
     Will make my Soul grow brisk, thy praise to Chime.




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