Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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The Temper (2)

by George Herbert


It cannot be. Where is that mighty joy,
     Which just now took up all my heart?
     Lord, if thou must needs use thy dart,
Save that, and me; or sin for both destroy.


The grosser world stands to thy word and art;
     But thy diviner world of grace
     Thou suddenly dost raise and race,
And ev'ry day a new Creator art.


O fix thy chair of grace, that all my powers
     May also fix their reverence:
     For when thou dost depart from hence,
They grow unruly, and sit in thy bowers.


Scatter, or bind them all to bend to thee:
     Though elements change, and heaven move,
     Let not thy higher Court remove,
But keep a standing Majesty in me.




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