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About "The Poor Man's Portion"

"The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions" by Dr. Robert Hawker (1753-1827) is a great devotional classic which received its unique name because it was originally published in small "penny" portions so as to be affordable to the poor. Running through numerous editions in the nineteenth century, these devotionals have served as spiritual food and drink for thousands. Hawker excels in Christ-centered, practical divinity. He has been taught by the Spirit how to find Christ in the Scriptures, as well as how to present Him amiably to hungry sinners in search of daily communion with a personal Redeemer. For the genuine Christian, here is daily devotional writing at its best--warmly Christ-centered, eminently practical, personally searching. Unlike most other daily devotional books of Reformed persuasion which consist of fragmented extracts, "The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions" was composed expressly for such use. You will feel the difference immediately. Each of these devotional portions is complete in itself and speaks directly to you, compelling you to hold soliloquy with your own soul. Read this volume daily; let Hawker bring the Word of God close to your conscience. Pray for the Spirit to apply these short savory devotions to your daily and eternal gain.
óDr. Joel R. Beeke

The "Portions" on this Web Site are extracts (some modernized) from a new reprint of "The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions," published by Reformation Heritage Books. Information about this book and many other Reformed materials may be obtained by contacting:

Reformation Heritage Books
2115 Romence, NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Fax: +1 616 459 7709

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