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Behold, I Come

from "The Poor Man's Portions" by Robert Hawker


"Behold, I come." Psalm 40:7

What a longing had old testament saints for the Lord Jesus' coming! And what an earnest wish and prayer it is among new testament believers, for Jesus' coming by the visits of his grace, and the sweet influences of his Holy Spirit, from day to day! My soul, how I desire to realize by faith this day, even this very day, these words of your Redeemer, as if he were now standing at the door of your heart, and asking for admission. And shall I not say, under this sweet impression, "Come in, you blessed of the Lord, why do you stand outside?"

Oh blessed Jesus, when I consider the many precious instances of your coming, set up from everlasting in your goings forth for the salvation of your chosen, your anticipation, in your visits before the season of your sojourning in our flesh; your visits to the patriarchs and prophets; your manifestation openly to the people; your secret, sweet, and inexpressibly gracious visits now, and your promised return in the clouds at the final consummation of all things; Oh Lamb of God, cost you say, "Behold, I come?" Oh for the earnestness of faith, in all her devout longings, to cry out with the church of old, and say, "Make haste, my Beloved, and come! Oh come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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