Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Palm Pilot Sermons on Fire and Ice

Now you can download sermons for your PalmPilot or other PDA! Download the zip files below as other PalmPilot files, unzip them, and at your next HotSync you will have some reading of real value. Read them on the airplane, on the road, or when in a business meeting (just kidding). Each pack contains 6 sermons.

The files below are in "Doc" format, that is to say, formatted for the PalmPilot or other PDA. (Not to be confused with .doc format, the format used by Microsoft Word) These files require a Doc reader such as Aportis Doc Reader or Tealdoc Reader in order for you to open them.

For more information on using Doc readers with your PalmPilot, see Jim Thompson's excellent website. This particular page has a great summary and links to everything you want to know about electronic documents for the PalmPilot. The rest of his site is interesting as well.


 NewThe Best Match by Ralph Erskine (23K) A complete sermon.

Six Sermons by Watson and Charnock (231K)
The Mystic Union of Christ and Believers by Thomas Watson
To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever by Watson
God's Regard for His Glory by Stephen Charnock
The Wisdom of God by Charnock
The Power of God by Charnock
The Eternity of God by Charnock

Six Lectures by Alexander Whyte (54K)
Joshua Redivivus (Samuel Rutherford 1)
Samuel Rutherford and Some of His Extremes (SR 2)
Marion M'Naught
Lady Culross
Parishoners of Kilmacom
Appreciation of Thomas Goodwin

Newton, Erskine, MacLaren (80K)
Letters from Olney by Newton
The Fountain of Salvation by Ralph Erskine
The Absent Present Christ by Alexander MacLaren

Poem Pack no. 1
A Song of Praise by Ralph Erskine
Christmas Poems by John Newton

Spurgeon Pack no. 1 (107K)
Christ Our Passover
Everyday Religion
For Whom Did Christ Die?
High Doctrine and Broad Doctrine
On My Back
The Sea! The Wide and Open Sea!

Spurgeon Pack no. 2 (115K)
The Saints' Love to God
The Warrant of Faith
All and All in All
The Tender Pity of the Lord
Accepted in the Beloved
Salvation All of Grace

Sermon Pack no. 3 (64K)
Faith by Thomas Watson
Selected Poems by Ralph Erskine
Heaven by Edward Griffin
When I was a Child by Edward Griffin
Serve the Lord by Edward Griffin
Selected Letters by John Newton

Westminster Standards Pack (84K)
Westminster Confession of Faith
Westminster Larger Catechism
Westminster Shorter Catechism
(Each is text only, without the Scripture Proofs)


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