Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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This index references by subject a selection of the many documents on Fire and Ice. There are also a Table of Contents, a listing of historical and biographical materials, and of poetry. These other listings are more complete.

"Seek not so much to have thy ear tickled as thy understanding enlightened." Nehemiah Rogers

If You're Looking For...
Complete Sermons
Comfort in Affliction
Several Extracts from a Particular Author
Devotional Reading
About Knowing Christ
About Loving Christ
About the Decrees, Election, and Providence
Concerning the Ministry

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If You're Looking For... Complete Sermons

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Stephen Charnock
A Discourse of Delight in Prayer Also in Word  PDF
The Chief of Sinners Saved Also in Word  PDF

Jonathan Edwards
How To Know If You Are A Real Christian (38K)

John Flavel
Christ the Desire of All Nations (30K) Word  PDF.
Christ Altogether Lovely (30K) Word  PDF

Thomas Goodwin
The Wisdom of Patience Word  PDF format

Edward Griffin
When I was a Child I Thought as a Child
Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee? Word  PDF
Salvation Taken into God's Own Hands Word  PDF.
Enoch Walked With God Word  PDF.
Your Heart His Target Word  PDF.
An Exhortation to Serve the Lord Word  PDF
The Tender Mercies of God Word  PDF

Alexander MacLaren
A Confession and a Warning
Take Up the Challenge
The Absent Present Christ Also in Word  PDF.

Samuel Rutherford
The Weeping Mary at the Sepulcre Word
The Deliverance of the Kirk of God Word

Richard Sibbes
A Description of Christ (76K) Word (31K)  PDF (64K).
Christ is Best: Or, St. Paul's Strait (54K) Word  PDF (45K).

Thomas Watson
A Godly Man is a Lover of the Word Word
Mystic Union between Christ and the Saints Word.

Samuel Willard
Christ Humbled Himself Also available in Word format.  PDF
The Decrees of God (21K)
The Nature of Christ's Resurrection Word format.   PDF

If You're Looking For... Encouragement

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John Newton
Our Good Shepherd

Richard Sibbes
Puritan Sweetness

Charles Spurgeon
Lesser Lights

If You're Looking For... Comfort in Affliction

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John Newton
Strength in Trial
One Thing Needed
Dependence on Christ-God's Prescriptions
Honouring God-Trusting His Methods
Comments on an Accident
The Benefits of Affliction

from Cotton Mather's Magnalia
A Letter Out of Grief

If You're Looking For... Sin

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Richard Baxter
Directions for Hating Sin
The Sin of Man-pleasing
The Sinfulness of Flesh-Pleasing
The Greatest Thing in the World

Alexander MacLaren
Take Up the Challenge

William Gouge
On Covetousness

If You're Looking For... Several Extracts from a Particular Author

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Richard Baxter
from the Practical Works

Thomas Boston
The Beauties of Boston

John Newton
The Letters

Samuel Rutherford

If You're Looking For... Devotional Reading

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Robert Hawker
The Poor Man's Portions

Thomas Boston
The Beauties of Boston

If You're Looking For... About Knowing Christ

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Jonathan Edwards
The Divine Light

Cotton Mather
Satisfaction in God

John Newton
Contrary Principles in the Believer
John Owen
Faith and Sight
Peace and Stupidity

Thomas Shepard
Only Those Prepared Here

If You're Looking For... About Loving Christ

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Thomas Brooks
Love the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thomas Doolittle
What is Love to Christ?
Love to Christ Everlasting

John Flavel
Christ Altogether Lovely (30K)

Samuel Rutherford
The Letters of Samuel Rutherford

Thomas Shepard
Love the Lord Jesus! An extract

Thomas Watson
Mystic Union between Christ and the Saints Word.

If You're Looking For... About the Decrees, Election, and Providence

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Thomas Boston
Important Lessons Drawn from the Decrees of God
How We Ought to Think about God's Providence
The Purpose of God's Decrees
The Properties Of God's Decrees Explained

Andrew Gray
The Result of Election

Robert Hawker
Kept by the Power of God

Thomas White
Effectual Calling (51K)

Samuel Willard
The Decrees of God (See also the PDF Image files from his Compleat Body of Divinity at the Willard Index.)

If You're Looking For... About the Ministry

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A Pastor's Secret Heart Word  PDF

Richard Baxter
The Sin of Man-pleasing
Richard Baxter—A Corrective for Reformed Preachers by Edward Donnelly Word  PDF
Ministers of Love
Richard Baxter and His Gospel by Maurice Roberts. Word

Stephen Charnock
The Character of Charnock's Writings

William Gouge
Preaching the Word of God

John Angell James
Strange Piety

John Newton
Public Prayer Word  PDF
The Proper Attitude for Preaching
Conviction of Sin—Awakening
Sin in the Minister
Richard Baxter—Christian Hypocrisy—The Business of This Life
Dependence upon God—The Sense of Sin—Doubts
Zeal and Prudence
Feelings vs. Spiritual Well-Being
The Failure of Moralistic Preaching—Calvinism—Moral Inability

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