Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Index to Thomas Goodwin

Sermons by Goodwin

The Wisdom of Patience A complete sermon from Patience and Its Perfect Work, in the original language. Goodwin is a little hard to read, but his warmth and spiritual application is worth the effort. Word  PDF format

God the Fountain of Salvation for All His Elect A complete sermon combining Goodwin's theological depth with a tender, gracious heart. This and the following sermon are from his masterful sermon series on Ephesians. (53K) Word  PDF format (53K)

The Greatness of God's Love to His Elect Is there any greater subject for a sermon? Or any better preacher to preach it? (67K) Word  PDF format (68K)

The Riches of God's Love to his Elect "[Consider] the subject of this love, who it is that loved us. It is God, whose love therefore is as great as himself; and if God will be in love, how deep, how great will that love be! What a love will they possess with whom God professeth himself to be in love! Love, it is of all attributes the most commanding; it commandeth all in a man, and it commandeth all in God." (47K) Word  PDF format (57K)

The Glory of the Gospel Two sermons on Col. 1:26-27 which combine his powers of imagination with practical, experiential, Christianity. "Now, in the words I have read to you, the current of [the Apostle's] commendation of the gospel's excellency swells to the highest....therefore I will confine myself, as affording matter enough to set forth the glory of it, and that by all that doth commend to us any knowledge."

     Sermon I (54K)
     Sermon II (69K)
     Word (Both sermons 50K)
     PDF (Both sermons 108K)

Articles about Goodwin

Thomas Goodwin by Alexander Whyte. A lecture in which Whyte said, "All I wish to do is for once to make full and heartfelt acknowledgement of my own deep debt" to Goodwin. Take a taste with someone who has drunk deeply from the well. Word format  PDF format

Thomas Goodwin: His Life, Times, and Quest for Assurance by Guy Davies. An excellent paper presented to the Congregational Studies Conference in Britain in 1994. Davies combines a short biography of Goodwin with insights into his writings, theology, and doctrine of Assurance. Many useful references and footnotes, a good introduction to an important Puritan. Word format (44K)   PDF format (97K)

Also be sure to visit Thomas Goodwin: The Readable Puritan Alan Newble's site with a selection of sermons and biographical information. A great place to find more Goodwin.

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