Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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About Trelligrams

Trelligrams are HTML files in a format designed by Trellix. They consist of a single executable (*.exe) file that contains all the information of multiple conventional files. Running this file starts a browser on any Windows 95 computer and displays the files in the normal way.

Trelligrams are helpful if you wish to view multiple files offline, print them, or give them to friends. Because they are a single file, they can easily be e-mailed or transferred to a floppy. They are also easy to use; a newbie can access the file without the intimidating intricacies of conventional *.html files. Therefore, they are suitable for giving to family or friends who may not have Internet access, so long as they have a web browser.

The Newton Trelligram ( is a 600K Trelligram in a 195K Zip file. When the file is unzipped, simply double-click on the executable file. The Trelligram will search for a browser, open it, and display the opening page automatically.

Trelligrams do not create any files on the host machine. They do not create INI files or alter the Registry. They are completely removed by simply deleting the .exe file (and the Zip file, obviously.)

Trelligrams only work on Windows 95 and above.

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