Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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Download the Whole Site

You may download the entire Fire and Ice site as a "zip" file. It includes all the sermons, extracts, and other pages for perusal at your convenience from your own computer. The Word, Help, Trelligram, and PDF files are not included.

The "zip" file will expand into approximately 450 separate files, taking up a total of about 6 megs, including the original file. All these files should be kept in a single directory (folder) in order for the links to work properly. Just add a bookmark to your browser pointing to the main page (../index.htm) and Bob's yer uncle! (you're all set.)

After downloading the "zip" files, they should be copied to the appropriate directory (folder) and "unzipped" using a compression utility such as Winzip or PKUnzip (for PC's) or Stuffit (for Mac's). These utilities are easily found on AOL, Compuserve, or shareware web sites.

Please do remember that Fire and Ice is updated on a regular basis, so be sure to return from time to time so you can see what's new!

Download the Whole Site (1850K)

"Seldom was any knowledge given to keep, but to impart." Joseph Hall

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