Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
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About the Banner of Truth

Several articles on Fire and Ice are reproduced (with permission) from the Banner of Truth Magazine, published by the Banner of Truth Trust. The work and ministry of the Trust is heartily recommended to the reader. If you value Reformed literature, you probably have several of their books on your shelves already. If you don't, you should!

The Trust, based in Scotland, has been reprinting books by the Puritans and other Reformed writers for over 4 decades. It is the efforts of the Trust in reprinting the Works of Owen, Edwards, Flavel, and others, that has made the "Puritan Revival" of our present age possible, such as it is.

In addition, the Trust has published valuable Reformed books by modern authors such as Sinclair Ferguson, Iain Murray, O.P. Robertson, and many others. Their faithfulness to the Scriptures is to be commended in view of the decline of other publishing houses, once Reformed, who now publish fluff and worse.

The Banner of Truth Magazine has for many years been part of glue binding together people of the Reformed persuasion around the globe. The Magazine features articles by modern writers, extracts from old ones, quotations, book reviews, and news and comments on the Reformed world. While there may be a certain Presbyterian "flavour" to the Magazine, Reformed Baptists will find the Magazine a blessing as well. Highly recommended.

Subscription Information:
The Grey House, 3 Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH12 6EL
USA: P.O. Box 621, Carlisle, PA 17013
Australia: P.O. Box 29, Sylvania Southgate, N.S.W.

Annual Subscription

£10.50 UK
$20.00 USA

£12.50 Overseas
$27.00 Australia

Two Year Subscription

£19.50 UK
$38.00 USA

£22.50 Overseas
$49.50 Australia

Canadians subscriptions are payable in US funds to the US office.

Banner Books are available from Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service.

The reader will understand that Fire and Ice is not affiliated with the Banner of Truth Trust.


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